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The Woman in The Wall

The Woman in The Wall - Balcony

The Woman
In The Wall

March 2012

Masonic Lodge
9635 Venice Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

 (Photo: Emily Brooke Sandor)

The Woman In The Wall
is a new operatic work by composer O-Lan Jones and librettist Kathleen Cramer, conducted by David O. Inspired by the 14th Century tradition of The Anchoress, the opera is a “mystery play” in the ancient tradition; it explores the openings and paths inside that are revealed when all doors are locked shut.

Over the course of seven days, which cover seventeen years, we follow The Anchoress, “Marianna” (Gretchen Johnson), as she becomes the inspirational advisor to everyone from the peasants to the king. As we follow her journey inward through her temptations, doubts, revelations, and fears, we see how she transforms the people’s questions in relation to the Seven Virtues that light her way. The production featured an orchestra of 10 instrumentalists, a cast of a dozen principal singers, and a 30-member chorus from the Angel City Chorale, led by Sue Fink.

Description of the seven days (PDF).

Composer & Director - O-Lan Jones

Librettist - Kathleen Cramer

Music Director - David O

Mariana, The Anchoress - Gretchen Johnson

Producer - Vibrant Production Management

Bios (PDF)

Performances, which are ceremonial in nature, were held in the atmospheric
Masonic Lodge at 9635 Venice Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232.

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